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We have officially made our transition – and can officially redirect all mission support as previously and prayerfully planned.  The mission report this time is so exciting!  The “Care Boxes” sent last for the Ati people of North Panay Island (Pastor Rocky’s ministry) arrived safely and was distributed to the needs across the region – PTL!   Pastor Rocky has emailed us to let us know that the entire region rejoices before God for the amazing and gracious gifts of love (flip-flops, clothing, backpacks, toothpaste & toothbrushes, toys, and more!!).  The local Ati church people are now learning to package up the gifts that normally would be just for them – and they are now a part of the reach – as they are sharing the love and message of Jesus with other villages nearby!  Hallelujah!  God is surely doing mighty things!

The new Church Building has begun!!  PTL!  By faith and trust in the Lord, Pastor Rocky and the local congregation there in Malay, have begun the construction of their new Bamboo & Nepa Church Building for their growing numbers!  These people are surly the “least of these”, yet through the continued prayers and financial support of others (namely our partners) and great personal sacrifice from nearly every member of the church – they have begun to see that God will provide and bless their giving and faithfulness.  There have been souls saved and baptized since our departure from the Philippines – and they trace it all back to the revival and move of GOD begun months ago – which YOU ALL were and are a vital part of!  Life in North Panay is NOT easy – in fact, it is extremely challenging – yet through it all, CHRIST is being taught, exalted, worshipped, trusted, and shared!  Great things are happening because we ALL have remained faithful. 

Please Be SURE that your love offerings and monthly support are now routed through the following:

First Church of God

918 N. Mosby Ave.

El Dorado, AR  71730

Memo:  Philippine Missions


As this church is a recognized and accountable non-profit in good standing, your charitable contributions will be tax-deductible – and an annual receipt of your support will be provided for all supporting partners.  Sheryl and I have joined you all, in the monthly support of what God is doing in the N. Panay island region of our world.  All our combined monthly support will be sent directly to the point of need in the Philippines – through Pastor Rocky exclusively.  He will give a detailed accounting of every penny, and that record will be provided to all the partners.  The ONLY costs that will be reimbursed by the Church for their involvement in this missions support, will be the actual cost of the transfer of support funds to the Philippines (receipts of same will be available each month).  The 5% admin fee previously charged by First Love was very reasonable – but 0% is better.

May God keep His work and reach to the Ati people on your hearts!  Our prayer is that you will share our desire to stay partnered in this amazing and fruitful Mission Ministry.

We have made an effort to get a copy of the NEW REVISED bank auto-debit authorization form to all those we knew preferred auto-debit as their means of sending their monthly financial support.  If you have not received a copy, please let us know immediately, and we will email you or mail you a copy ASAP!  Please fill it out and mail it to the above Church address – attn.: Nate Jackson.  We will get it started without delay.

While it’s true that Sheryl and I are not currently living in the Philippines – our communication with the ministry there and our hearts for the reach there have never been stronger!  God is NOT done there – and the work that has been started last year is truly bearing fruit and reaching beyond all previously held borders!  PTL!  So we ask that you please continue to be a part of what God is doing there – as we are – and remain faithful to what God has burdened our hearts with from the start!

PS   Little Leo is doing good!  One major surgery and one heart-cath surgery behind him, with all Glory to GOD, he is doing excellent!  His every smile is a constant reminder of the amazing love and care of our God!  Not sure what HE has in store for Leo in the future – but it is safe to say that God has used every day of his life thus far to show His power over all life’s obstacles!  Thank you for your continued prayers for Leo and his family!  We love you all and appreciate you so much more than words could ever express!


Your Partners in Mission,

Nate & Sheryl

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I apologize to one and all for what must have seemed like we were “off the air” for a bit.  We have NOT been “off-track” at all – but “off-line” more than on.  As you all know from our posts in December and early January, God has again shown Sheryl and I His providence and control of our lives by steering our lives and ministry efforts back to the USA to pastor – but this time with a missionary heart!  The work and ministry reach we have been a part of in the Philippines continues to grow – even with us back in the USA – and we praise God for it!  Fact is, God has provided not one, but two families to physically pick up where we left off in N. Panay and Boracay Islands, and as promised we have stayed connected and partnered with the ministries there.  It is with great joy in our hearts that we can share with you all that even this past week there were several new decisions make for Jesus Christ among the Ati people – PTL!   God is so good!  The feeding, clothing, and care ministries are the perfect blend with the sharing of the gospel for the Ati tribal people of N. Panay Island, and YOUR continued prayers and financial support and gifts of love make this possible!  We praise God for you all and your faithfulness to the Lord and His reach to these amazing people.

Sheryl and I remain committed along with you – to stay partnered with Pastor Rocky and the Ati people of Bakiruhan, as well as the Young Life Ministry (ran by Missionary Russ Johnson) that is reaching the youth of Boracay.  Because we have returned to the USA, Sheryl and I no longer need any financial assistance – so we have joined with you all as partners to faithfully support these ministries through our daily prayers and monthly financial support.  Our united love offerings will continue to make a huge impact on these wonderful people – and will insure that the gospel will continue to reach them.  TOGETHER we ARE making a real difference – and TOGETHER we are an active part of the REACH of CHRIST to the least of these.

Sheryl and I have never lost our burden and love for the people and the ministry in the Philippines, and we plan to return there for short-term mission trips as often as God allows.  As we are no longer living and serving physically in the Philippines, we have made some necessary transitions in order to insure that our support and YOURS will continue to reach to directly to the point of need in the Philippines.  Effective March 30th , 2012, we will be asking that you redirect your monthly financial support – no longer sending it through First Love International Ministries.  Our church in Arkansas, the First Church of God, has agreed to be an active part of this mission reach to the Philippines, and has agreed to set up a new missions account – specifically and exclusively for the Philippines Mission Reach that we have been a part of the past couple of years.  ALL funds sent in monthly will be sent directly to them in the Philippines each month from our church.  (the expenses related to banking and funds transfers will be charged to this account – ALL other funds will be sent to the Philippines).  Like First Love, our church is a non-profit entity, and will send annual giving receipts to all partners for tax purposes.  We  count it a real blessing that our church would take on this responsibility, and offer to serve as part of this mission reach with us the rest of us.

So please make note of this change:  

All financial support intended for the mission ministry of Nate & Sheryl Jackson (reaching to the Ati People of N. Panay Island and the Young Life Ministry of Boracay Island with financial, food, clothing, and care) must be sent to the following address:

Please Write checks (and auto-debit) to:        

First Church of God
918 N. Mosby Ave.
El Dorado, Arkansas  71730
(Check Memo:  Philippines Missions Support)   

If you need the new auto-debit form – just email us and request one at and we will email you one right away.  Again, we are so thankful and grateful for you all, and your continued support of this amazing ministry that God has partnered us in.  So many of you have already let us know that you plan to continue to support this work monthly with us – and we praise God for you!  We will begin again this month, to post videos and new missions status updates and news for you all.  We praise God for the opportunity to be partnered with you, and to serve the Lord together with you all.  God bless you!

Pastor Nate & Sheryl

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Video-Venture #24 – “added reach”

NOTE:  this short video is a special clip of personal testimony and update from Nate & Sheryl Jackson – sharing the news of God’s ADDING to the ministry reach and encouraging all ministry partners to continue in this partnership with Christ and BE HIS REACH both in the USA and the WORLD!  May God bless you, prosper you, and keep us one in this ministry call!    We love you all!


VIDEO-VENTURE #24     Dec 29, 2011         “added reach”




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Video-Venture #23 (RE-POST)

VIDEO-VENTURE #23       December 20th – 2011     “these are mine, i love them, and i am well pleased”

[We posted Video-Venture #23 a few days ago – but just learned that it never was viewable for many of you – so please forgive the tech errors and be blessed by this incredible video testimony of the amazing things GOD is doing through YOUR faithful partnership of prayer and support!]   PLEASE click the link below and be blessed!


We invite you to share in the amazing blessing that was given to us this morning (12-29-11) at 6:30 am.  The Malay Ati Children’s Choir came all the way from Bakiruhan to sing a serenade of love to an audience of “2” – Sheryl & I.  They did this in a personal way to demonstrate their love and gratitude for the love and service we have tried to share with all of them this past year.  Their message was clear, and their hearts were heard.  They blessed us with an incredible serenade of holiday songs honoring our Savior!  We praise God for these kids, and all that God is doing in their lives!  It is an honor to share this wonderful serenade with you all … may God use it to bring joy and blessing to your hearts this season.



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Ati Christmas – 2011 (because YOU gave!)

This is a very special video.  It is the highlights of the ATI 2011 CHRISTMAS celebrations for the people of Bakiruhan and nearby Ati communities of N. Panay Island in the Philippines.  God is doing absolutely incredible and overwhelming things – through countless men and women around the world – to reach to the Ati people.  For many generations, the Ati Tribal people of Bakirunah and nearby communities have been literally forced into extreme poverty – oppression – spiritual depravity – abuse – injustice – and worse.  They were the “least of these” and neglected and forgotten by everyone … except GOD.  God loved them, cherished them, and has sent His gospel to them … and HIS GOSPEL is seen undeniably in the love, care, teaching, medical aid, food, and now Christmas Gifts of love!  They have been crying out for years, and NOW they KNOW God is real and loves them … HE has heard their cries … and sent help and hope to change their future and eternity!  It is a great thrill to be partnered in what God is doing to reach these wonderful people.

HUGE thanks to our God for partnering all of you who have sacrificed and prayed and given so much to make this Season one of rejoicing and praise to our King … from the ATI too … with hearts of gratitude and thanksgiving to their Lord and Savior!  If you are already a partner with us in this call – rejoice with us and know that we are so grateful to God for you, your prayers, and your gracious giving!  If you have not yet partnered with us in this GOD reach … please pray about getting involved TODAY … there is such great need, so many areas of ministry to be a part of … and God will bless and multiply your every prayer and love offering!   it is a GREAT thing to know you are actively a part of what GOD is doing!  Share in His Reach with us!   Enjoy this precious video – share it with your family and friends!  Use it to testify of God’s amazing love to ALL around the world who will hear the gospel!   Use it to testify of how even WE can be a powerful part of God’s REACH around the world!  We love you!  Merry Christmas in Jesus Name!



It is with great JOY in our hearts and a humble spirit that we share this short video with you.  It is a brief snapshot of some of the wonderful things

GOD is doing through ALL of us who have partnered with HIM in HIS REACH to the Philippines!  All glory to God!

VIDEO-VENTURE #23        December 20, 2011



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Video-Venture #22 – partnered in God’s reach!

Sheryl and I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas Season!  We are seeing God do incredible things here in the Philippines, and we are so grateful to God for each of you who have continued to stand and partner with us in the REACH of CHRIST to the people of the Philippines!  We have enough stuff on film that we will be posting Video-Ventures #22 #23 and #24 this month!  We believe each one will be a fresh look at what GOD is doing through YOU and your faithfulness to His call!  We praise God for you!  Please leave room for those without this season!  Your generous love offerings make such an awesome difference and impact on the lives here in SE Asia!  God bless you!

Video-Venture #22     –  December 10, 2011      –

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How We Praise Our God

BEADS:  the middle picture above has a special significance.  At Children’s Medical Center Hospital in Dallas, the children that require “heart surgery” are given a necklace when they arrive with the square beads that spell out their name … then every time they are prodded, poked, tested, endured surgery or physical hardship … they are given an additional “bead” each time.  This is Leo’s Necklace.

This is a wonderful day and we praise God for it!  Leo has come through heart surgery – SUCCESSFULLY – and after MANY days in Children’s Hospital (Dallas), they have removed every tube, wire, probe, and monitor … except for his NG Feeding Tube.   If that were not enough, he is eating about 30% of his need orally now and getting stronger every day! ALL the glory and honor belongs to our God!!!  We want to take this opportunity to thank you all and express our most sincere gratitude for you all and your faithful prayers and concerns for Leo!  It is so humbling to be a part of the family of God, and to discover that men, women, and children around the world were united in lifting Leo before the Lord for His gracious and miracle healing touch.  God heard our cries, He responded in a mighty way, and Leo has not only lived … he is HOME with his mom and dad – Hallelujah!   I don’t want to mislead anyone, Leo still requires some very special attention at this stage … and we are so blessed to be here in TX to help right now, but Leo is on track for a full recovery down the road.  Please continue to pray for Leo.

Leo’s cousin Lily was born just a few days before he was, and she is beautiful and doing terrific!  PTL!  Though we planned for Sheryl to be here in the USA for the births of Lily & Leo, I had not originally planned on coming to the USA until the beginning of 2012.  God’s plans are always best, and always right on time, and within a day of learning about Leo’s condition and required heart surgery, i was on a plane heading to the USA to be with my family.  First Love International has been so very understanding of our emergency situation, and they have graciously stood with us in prayer for Leo, and rallied prayer warriors all around the world.  We do not have our flights booked yet for our return to the Philippines … as Joe & Mel need our help and assistance to get through this phase with Leo … but we are praying about returning soon.  Please pray for us as we strive to serve the Lord even as we reach to our own kids in their time of need.

     Miss Lily Is just beautiful and doing so well …. We are so thrilled!  We praise God for all “10” of our grandkids!  God has blessed us mightily and it is an honor to be here and to help family in any way possible.  This unplanned trip has resulted in wonderful opportunities to see and visit with friends and family that i had not planned to see before next year – but again – GOD’s plan is the RIGHT plan.

We are striving to remain available – willing to serve unconditionally – and to live ON MISSION for Christ!  Please continue to pray for Sheryl and I as we seek the Lord for His continued wisdom, guidance, and use.  We love you all – thank you for giving to the Lord and for lifting us up in your continued prayers.

reaching with Jesus Christ,     nate & sheryl

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